hopes the production continuation of HP 200LX.

It is said to do HP company be the stop of the production of HP200LX on November 1 that Mr. LILIN that the one who is poor at (English according to the news release ( HP to Discontinue HP 200LX Series Palmtop PC ) of the U.S. HP company on July 6, 1999 is in the site of Mr./ Ms. Light Lime consult) ( stop of the production of HP, HP 200LX series ) that took the trouble of translating. [07/07/99]
Another piece of news release is in ( Hewlett-Packard to discontinue DOS Products ). [07-09-99]
The release of the top stops being linked from a top and ( HP Jornada PC Companions ) is linked from a top. [08-06-99]

It is machine that takes to HP200LX and take the place does not exist as of now. I can not help hoping that ask to reconsider to the HP company by all means and be desiring the production of HP200LX continuously.
As that it is made to we of now I sometimes write request in the feed back where is) in ( HP Jornada PC Companions ) or ( HP Jornada PC Companions . Ambivalent etc. of English are actively I will write without worrying about. Needless to say, I request it so as not to do to be unlawful even if it says with actively. [07/07/99]
The link to the feed back was changed along with the remodelling of hp. com. Please write it to the one who thinks that the self is こっち. (A conventional feed back page is disappearing. ) [08-06-99]

Please consult ( HP PC Users' Forum ) of NIFTY SERVE that the information of LX is gathered most in each site, or Japan where the information with regard to HP200LX is able to trace from link of ( HP200LX' s page of renya. com world ) or under of ( HP HandHeld PCs: product information 200LX ) and ( HP HandHeld PCs: product information 200LX ) or renya. com of Japan HP company. [07-08-99]
( HP 200LX Japanese -ization kit gearing page ) that is publishing the thing that was published serially to DOS/V POWER REPORT in the cleaning belt roller is recommending fairly to know the history of HP200LX. [07/11/99]
So speaking, the railroad company of ( JR' s ) and the Netherlands may do how when they became production stop. [07-17-99]

I gave the signature

Mr./ Ms. NORI of FHPPC SYSOP did signature 934 justification by signature 881 justification and electronic mail in the letter such as the store, street, mailing, FAX to U.S. HP company and also Japan HP company to submission as the first total minute through this personal systems business generalization headquarters generalization general manager Mr. Tom Tiernan of the Japan HP company in century hotel of Shinjuku on July 23.
To the feeling on the side of the user in this time the HP company side does carefully correspondence very much for instance, it hears the opinion of the user sincerely and be thanking very much.
By now we think ( Dream LX Project ) and ( Post-HP 200LX by YAFO ) of as that gradually need to be advancing to the next stepping. [07/23/99]
The matter of the signature submission was reported with ( Daily Mail Mobile ) on July 26. [07-26-99]
Following the signature submission in this time, the street signature is July 25 and be July 29 about the store signature and have come to stop on August 6 about mailing and also FAX. [08-05-99]
Please consult ( "the report of the production continuation entreaty signature activity of HP200LX" ) about hereafter of signature submission and activity. [08-05-99]

Having the end of October, 1999 in ( HP HandHeld PCs: product information 200LX ) from Japan HP company the HP 200LX order received is completed such there was announcement officially. [08-05-99]
That the continuation of production is administratively difficult by the drastic decrease of the demand as the reason of decision, and continuation of the security and support of the maintenance parts for 5 lowest years from production completion that I have already promised is defended for understanding of think the one that we go that it is taking the trouble of showing it.
And, I think to be な whether or not I will insert the strenuous effort in ( DreamLX Project ) by now. I will appreciate any comments in ( simple BBS of renya. com ) quickly, because I am doing not know whether it is good if it gives a favor of doing it how yet. [08-05-99]

On August 23 to as for in Tokyo Mr./ Ms. NORI is the total 761 people minute of street office justification 475 justification so hand I gave it of 13 people, the FAX minute 28 people, the mailing minute 245 people, the signature by an/the electronic mail as No. 2 o'clock total minute in Japan HP of a high well. [08-29-99 ]

We Need HP200LX
It is ( [Edge 7] 200LX Continue Thanks for To-Ki.! ) [07/08/99]

We Need HP200LX Links It is the link to the site that) was doing (be expressing that hopes the production continuation of HP200LX. A/the number moved in (08/29/99 present 95 Sites ), different pages because it increased. Please acknowledge it. [07-13-99]
HP200LZ News Site LinksIt is the link to the news and proposal etc. on a cleaning belt roller. (22 Sites)

As for the press release that renya. com received through ( press network ), there is " report of the production continuation entreaty signature activity of HP200LX " with " about HP 200LX production stop opposite signature submission " with " about a HP 200LX production stop opposite street signature activity〜a detailed schedule " with " about a HP 200LX production stop opposite street signature activity ".
The original is in ( Save HP 200LX by YAFO ). [07-23-99]

As for the page of this plan the most are written by HP200LX.
I request it so that I write to simple BBS of renya. com ver.2 quickly, if there are opinion etc. to the information and plan that absent in this page.
Please do link to renya. com freely.

When i must thank that can do the HP 200LX production continuation exercise remarkably seeing" reads an/the atomic bomb poem in "Yoshinaga Sayuri, America I thought pensively. [08/08/99]

The manner feeling that was January of a storm exactly for about one month from the announcement of an/the U.S. hp company does. It broke out in one go that it is various meantime. Passing soon for one month then i noticed at last. Even if it is pessimistic there is not a method and will go optimistically. It is that it is going to bring up and then produces a new thing because, be not born anything from negativeness and be positive. Do not fear that action is caused. If it does not cause action it does not begin anything. i thinks so. It has come to seem so at last. [08/29/99]

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